Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Clinton fixer Cheryl Mills privately admitted that President Obama was lying when he told reporters he discovered Hillary was using a secret email server only when he read it in the newspapers.

In the latest Wikileaks drop, we find Mills saying, "We need to clean this up, [Obama] has emails from her — they do not say state.gov.'

We also discovered today that Clinton insiders had no respect for or belief in Hillary's political instincts.

WIKILEAKS: Clinton Insiders Admit Media Matters is Pure Political Propaganda, With No Basis in Reality

They certainly hate David Brock, but Hillary's insiders know who to call when they need public relations damage control.

In this particular case, the far right periodical Vanity Fair -- which featured a story on Hillary's "body woman" Huma Abedin -- needed to be put in its place.

The appropriate illustration for this particular email is the Wicked Witch of the West summoning her flying monkeys.

Larwyn's Linx: The polls all confirm that Hillary has won, except they actually don’t

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Scandal Central

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Climate, Energy & Regulations

Top University Stole Millions From Taxpayers By Faking Global Warming Research: Andrew Follett


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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

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Image: No Justice in the Netherlands
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QOTD: "We watched the passage of Obamacare at 1:38am on the day before Christmas Eve in 2009. We watched the Senate, then the House attempt passing Amnesty in 2014. We know exactly how it passed, and we know exactly why it passed. We don’t need to stand around talking about it…. We’re beyond talking.

We watch the 2009 $900+ billion Stimulus Bill being spent each year, every year, for seven consecutive years. Omnibus, Porkulous, QE1, QE2, Bailouts, Crony-Capitalism. We know exactly how this works, and we know exactly why this ruse is maintained. We don’t need to stand around talking about it…. We’re beyond talking.

Cold Anger absorbs betrayal silently, often prudently." --Sundance

Monday, October 24, 2016

The 5 Most Disturbing "Donations" to the Clinton Foundation

By Saagar Enjeti

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton vigorously defended the Clinton Foundation’s work at Wednesday night’s final presidential debate.

“I’m thrilled to talk about the Clinton Foundation, because it is a world-renowned charity and I am so proud of the work that it does,” Clinton said in a response to a question from moderator Chris Wallace about possible conflicts of interest and impropriety.

Wallace’s question came after numerous allegations from Republican nominee Donald Trump that the Clinton Foundation took donations from foreign governments, which influenced Clinton’s decision making while serving as secretary of state.

These countries include states accused of human rights violations, economic interests in decisions by Clinton’s Department of State, and countries Clinton has pledged to confront if elected president.

POWERHOUSE: Levin, Malkin and Steyn Announce New CRTV Network


LAS VEGAS (October 24, 2016) – Media company CRTV® has announced the formation of a new digital network uniquely rich with honest and informative conservative content seen nowhere else in any medium anywhere. CRTV brings together top thought-provoking personalities Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn who will share their knowledge, insightful and powerful ideas, stories and entertainment that cannot be found anywhere on television. 

“We have partnered with the best thinkers and storytellers out there and given each the resources to design their own show in their own voice on their own custom set reflective of each of their personalities” according to Chris Crane, Chief Content Officer. “When CRTV officially launches in December 2016, subscribers will be able to access new and original shows in development from Michelle Malkin and Mark Steyn, joining Mark Levin’s highly successful Levin TV®.”

Larwyn's Linx: Trump’s Gettysburg Address? He’s Off-Message!

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Scandal Central

Clinton ally funneled money to wife of FBI agent who oversaw emails: Jeremy Lott
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Climate, Energy & Regulations

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Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Fatal Mistake That Doomed Samsung’s Galaxy Note: WSJ
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Image: Hillary's Health Problems
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Sunday, October 23, 2016

GRAPH: Trump Expands Lead in Most Accurate Poll Over Last Three Presidential Election Cycles

By IBD Staff

Donald Trump expanded his lead over Hillary Clinton in a four-way race to two points, 42%-40%, in day 4 of the IBD/TIPP presidential tracking poll, with Trump moving past his Democratic rival in a head-to-head match-up for the first time.

Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson fell 1 point to 7%, while Green Party Jill Stein held at 4%. In the first three days of the tracking poll, Trump held a 1-point lead in a four-way race. Unrounded, Trump leads 42.1% to 39.7% – a 2.4-point edge – with Johnson at 7.3% and Stein at 3.6%.

THE REAL QUESTION: Will Hillary (and the Democrats) Accept the Results When She Loses?

By Daniel Greenfield

The headlines are in. Trump is the “anti-Democratic” candidate because he refuses to rule out challenging the results of an election that has yet to take place. Such a course of action is “beyond the pale”. It’s a threat to democracy. And it is utterly and thoroughly unacceptable.

Except when Democrats do it.

Larwyn's Linx: What the Hell Should Americans Be Talking About? Trump's Gettysburg: Nailed It

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Scandal Central

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Torrent of Anti-Israel Advice Found in Hillary’s Emails: New English Review
Hillary’s War Crime: Paul Craig Roberts

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A Few Points on Yesterday’s Big DDos Attack: BattleSwarm
Dunk test video shows the Google Pixel is more waterproof than you might think: Yoni Heisler
This Amazing Robotic Glove Lets You Touch the Virtual World: Shelly Fan, SingularityHub


Bring the Bricks: MOTUS
Pictures of the Second World War that look like they were taken yesterday: Telegraph
Evidence that the Silencing of Assange Connects Directly to the Clinton Camp: Hagmann Report

Image: Really? Because she's a woman?
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QOTD: "For the American voter, issues of immense urgency to the survival of the free world -- such as individual freedom, dispassionate enquiry and freedom of speech and thought, which we dangerously have come to take for granted -- are being derailed by crude language and behavior, when Americans need to be paying attention to serious threats to the United States, its allies and to the values of the West.

Internationally, these threats come from Iran, Russia, China, North Korea, and countless terrorist groups.

Domestically, they appear in the form of massive corruption -- financial and otherwise -- that is visibly hollowing out American institutions, such as the FBI (the failure to follow investigative procedure, followed by calls for FBI Director James Comey's resignation); the Department of Justice (the "Fast and Furious" gun-walking scandal, and the Attorney General meeting with a former president whose wife is under investigation); the State Department (email leaks are still yielding up evidence of collusion between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department under Hillary Clinton); the IRS (targeting conservative non-profits, and raiding the businesses of private citizens, who disagree with policy); the Environmental Protection Agency's attempt to acquire power over every puddle in America) and the Executive branch in the "I have a pen and I have a phone" president's dealings with Iran." --Judith Bergman