Thursday, August 25, 2016

Larwyn's Linx: Peter Schweizer: More Damning Hillary Emails On the Way

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Peter Schweizer: More Damning Hillary Emails On the Way: John Hayward
Huma Abedin's magazine claims Jews 'adept at working political system': DailyMail
State Dept. Hiding Iran Payment Details for "Confidentiality" Reasons: CNS

'Executive amnesty' lawsuit back before judge: Chad Groening
Report: 85 Clinton Foundation donors met with her at State: T. Becket Adams
Huma Abedin’s mom problem: Post Editorial Board

Diversity: history’s pathway to chaos: Victor Davis Hanson
Obama Sneaking In More Syrian Refugees?: Brendan Kirby
Ranking Freedom, One State at a Time: Veronique De Rugy

Wikileaks: Hillary Camp Contacted NFL to Ask About Her “Cracked Head”: Jim Hoft
Hillary email to Huma: ‘I don’t feel great,’ arrange USAF jet to go home: AT
WikiLeaks: Hillary Emailed Details Of New Implantable Heart Defibrillator: True Pundit


Yes, Gentle Readers, Hillary Clinton is just like us: McDaniel Manor
How To Deport 11 Million Illegal Aliens And Not Spend A Penny: 90 Miles
Minimum Wage To Blame For DC Restaurants Losing Jobs?: AEI

Scandal Central

State Dept. Helped Jailed Foundation Donor Get $10 Mil for Failed Haiti Project: JW
Wikileaks: 67 Emails Between Hillary and Chelsea Clinton AKA “Diane Reynolds”: Jim Hoft
Hillary Clinton email uncovered by FBI to be released just before election: Ruth Sherlock

Team Clinton claims report on special favors for foundation donors is a ‘massive’ distortion: David Sherfinski
The Real Russian Mole Inside NSA: John R. Schindler
Sketchy Middle East Regimes Prefer Clinton Foundation to Other ‘Lifesaving’ Charities: Andrew Stiles


The mainstream media has chosen to commit suicide.: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
The New York Times Attacks Sean Hannity: Jeffrey Lord
Ann Coulter: Any Republican who works with Clinton is a 'traitor': Eddie Scarry

Why Is This Mook Laughing?: Mark Finkelstein
State Dept. Dodges Questions About Huma Abedin’s Role at Radical Islamic Journal: SBYnews
Media silent on surge in Islam-inspired knife attacks : Leo Hohmann


Tinderbox: Expert warns real migration surge is on its way: Joey Millar
'At least one US citizen injured' as militants launch attack on American University in Kabul: DailyMail
Dramatic Drone Footage Shows Devastation From Italy Quake: ZH

Obama peace partner Iran showing off their boats to the US Navy: Doug Powers
Joe Biden Slips, Says It Would Be ‘Impeachable Offense’ If Obama Acts Unilaterally: Tammy Bruce
Syrian rebels backed by Turkish tanks capture key border stronghold from ISIS: WaPo

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

‘I want my family back in a Tesla’ says father after surviving severe crash in a Model X: Fred Lambert
Criminals could control your thoughts and feelings by attacking implants: DailyMail
This all-analog DNA circuit calculates without going digital: Devin Coldewey


Just Delete It: DTO
All The Would-be-President’s Men and Women: MOTUS
Proxima Centauri b confirmed! Potentially habitable planet orbits the star next door: Alan Boyle

Image: Evicted Calais migrants sleep rough in Paris
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QOTD: "For some reason, contemporary America believes that it can reject its uniquely successful melting pot to embrace a historically dangerous and discredited salad-bowl separatism.

Is there any evidence from the past that institutionalizing sects and ethnic grievances would ensure a nation’s security, prosperity and freedom?

America’s melting pot is history’s sole exception of E pluribus unum inclusivity: a successful multiracial society bound by a common culture, language and values. But this is a historic aberration with a future that is now in doubt.

Some students attending California’s Claremont College openly demand roommates of the same race. Racially segregated “safe spaces” are fixtures on college campuses.

We speak casually of bloc voting on the basis of skin color — as if a lockstep Asian, Latino, black or white vote is a good thing.

We are reverting to the nihilism of the old Confederacy. The South’s “one-drop rule” has often been copied to assure employers or universities that one qualifies as a minority." --Victor Davis Hanson

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Blocks of Hillary and Her Watermelons

By Jim Quinn

I haven’t provided a 30 Blocks of Squalor update in a while, but to my delight none other than Hillary Clinton made an appearance on the 30 Blocks this past week, spurring me to ponder her level of commitment to the black families of West Philly. She gave a stirring anti-capitalism speech at West Philadelphia High School. The purported reason for the rally was a get out the vote event. In the corrupt cesspool of Philadelphia that means having black voters casting more votes for their Democrat candidate than there are registered voters. Obama won 102% of the vote in 2008 and 2012 in West Philly. Hillary should hire the Black Panthers who did such a bang up job encouraging white voter turnout in 2008.

Due to an accident on the Schuylkill Expressway, I happened to drive by West Philly High on the morning of her speech. I had to dodge gaping potholes, ignorant double parked squalorites and SEPTA buses on Chestnut Street while driving my five year old Honda Civic on the 30 Blocks of Squalor to my job. Hillary flew into Philly on a private jet, stepped into a stretch limousine driven by a chauffeur, surrounded herself with dozens of armed Secret Service agents and campaign apparatchiks in black SUVs, and proceeded to create gridlock as traffic laws don’t apply to the ruling elite.

HILLARY AND SOROS: Their Campaign of Global Chaos

By Caroline Glick

Major media outlets in the US have ignored the leak of thousands of emails from billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundation by the activist hacker group DCLeaks. The OSF is the vehicle through which Soros has funneled billions of dollars over the past two decades to non-profit organizations in the US and throughout the world.

According to the documents, Soros has given more than $30 million to groups working for Hillary Clinton’s election in November, making him her largest single donor. So it is likely the case that the media’s support for Clinton has played some role in the mainstream media’s bid to bury the story.

It is also likely however, that at least some news editors failed to understand why the leaked documents were worth covering. Most of the information was already public knowledge. Soros’s massive funding of far-left groups in the US and throughout the world has been documented for more than a decade.

But failing to see the significance of the wider story because many of the details were already known is a case of missing the forest for the trees. The DCLeaks document dump is a major story because it exposes the forest of Soros’s funding networks.

The first thing that we see is the megalomaniacal nature of Soros’s philanthropic project. No corner of the globe is unaffected by his efforts. No policy area is left untouched.

Larwyn's Linx: Hillary Running as America's Angela Merkel

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Hillary Running as American Version of Angela Merkel: Vox Popoli
Over Half Of Hillary's Meetings At State Were With Foundation Donors: Ben Shapiro
Emails Confirm Hillary Consistently Exhausted While at State Department: Regated

ISIS Suspect Linked to 'Moderate' U.S. Islamist Org., Mosque: Ryan Mauro
Huma Abedin's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood: Kenneth R. Timmerman
Huma Abedin granted State Dept meetings for major donors: Lawrence Lease

Leaked Docs: Soros Aims to Enlarge Electorate by 10 Million by 2018: Joe Schoffstall
The Sink of Corruption Surrounding Hillary Is Overwhelming: Ben Shapiro
'GOP Woman for Clinton' a healthcare lobbyist married to Clinton aide: Timothy P. Carney

Weariness: Liberty's Torch
Feds vet immigrants for Nazi and Communist ties, don’t mention ISIS: Sam Rolley
NYPD: Call Seized Items 'Evidence;' Never Give Them Back: Tim Cushing


The DOL’s new overtime law hurts small business: Lawrence Lease
Fed Housing Dept Has $43 Billion Worth Of Indecipherable Records: Kathryn Watson
Insurance Startup Oscar Quits Two Markets, Rethinks Obamacare Plans: Zachary Tracer

Scandal Central

State Department: 'No Impropriety' With Clinton Foundation Bribes: Susan Jones
Obama Admin Won’t Tell Congress How It Paid Iran $1.3 Billion in Taxpayer Funds: Adam Kredo
Condoleeza Rice Also Can’t Remember Clinton’s Alleged Convo About Email Use: Chris White

Climate, Energy & Regulations

Will ‘Climate Change’ Policy Hurt Hillary And Democrats In 2016?: William Teach


American journalism is collapsing before our eyes: Michael Goodwin
The Screaming of the Barbarians: Christian Mercenary
New Sci-Fi eBook Tells of America’s Future Heroes: John Hawkins

Mystery edit of State Dept. briefing began with call about Fox News and Iran: John Sexton
Former Fox Personality Andrea Tantaros Suing Fox for $50 Million, Claiming Sexual Harassment: Ace
The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round: Dave Schuler


Something Has Gone Wrong: The Z Man
Former Gitmo Detainee Arrested as Top ISIS Recruiter: Nick Kangadis
Clinton State Department Stonewalled AP for Three Years: NRO

State Dept: It’s unsafe to travel to Iran because they might hold you hostage: Larry O'Connor
Iran Says New Missiles Will Be Designed Specifically To Kill US Ships: True Pundit
China, Russia to hold South China Sea ‘drills’ next month: True Pundit

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Could A 30 Minute Tornado Warning System Really Be In The Works?: Inside Science
Zika’s Threat to a City Near You: Betsy McCaughey
Lawyer: Dark Web Child Porn Site Ran Better When It Was Taken Over by the FBI: Joseph Cox


Woodpile Report #440: Woodpile Report
Variety: We’ve Got It Covered: MOTUS
One of the strangest ghost ship stories ever: It sailed the seas, unmanned for 38 years!: The Vintage News

QOTD: "The Obama administration is withholding from Congress details about how $1.3 billion in U.S. taxpayer funds was delivered to Iran, according to conversations with lawmakers, [who said] that the administration is now stonewalling an official inquiry into the matter.

The Departments of State, Treasury, and Justice have all rebuffed a congressional probe into the circumstances surrounding the $1.3 billion payment to Iran, which is part of an additional $400 million cash payout that occurred just prior to the release of several U.S. hostages and led to accusations that the administration had paid Iran a ransom.

The Obama administration has admitted in recent days that the $400 million cash delivery to Iran was part of an effort to secure the release of these American hostages, raising further questions on Capitol Hill about White House efforts to suppress these details from the public." --Adam Kredo

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

RED ALERT: NYT Asks Google to Censor Search Results Related to Hillary's Health Problems and They Do It

Some radical nutjob and New York Times reporter (but I repeat myself) recently called on Google to censor search results related to Hillary's numerous health issues.

Farhad Manjoo is a reporter for the New York Times who writes about tech issues. His latest passion is a beef with free speech, though of course, as a leftist, he would never frame it that way.

More specifically, Manjoo is upset that a Google search about Hillary’s health turns up what he calls “conspiracy theories.” And because he’s decided that the negative information available on line about her health is unfounded, Google should “fix” the problem.

Based on my research, it would appear that Google is now obliging that request:

PEACE PRIZE! Hillary Approved Massive Arms Sale to Arab State Only After Clinton Foundation Bribe Donation

By Counter Jihad Report

Yesterday Judicial Watch released emails showing that a Crown Prince of Bahrain was able to secure a meeting with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton through the Clinton Foundationafter being rejected by official State Department channels. Today, the International Business Times follows up on that report by revealing that the timing of this meeting lined up with a sudden, and large, increase in arms sales to Bahrain. Furthermore, this increase came in spite of Bahrain being engaged in massive human rights abuses and suppression of peaceful civilian protests. Finally, Hillary Clinton’s lawyers destroyed the emails documenting this meeting without turning them over to the State Department. These were among the emails destroyed as allegedly “personal.”

Larwyn's Linx: New emails detail how Huma Abedin acted as Hillary's bag lady; Trump On Refugees And Legal Immigrants

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New emails detail how Huma Abedin acted as Hillary's bag lady: WyBlog
Trump On Refugees And Legal Immigrants: VDARE
Trump: Special prosecutor must investigate Clinton 'immediately': Anna Giaritelli

Why does Hillary fall and cough so much?: Jim Goad
WikiLeaks: Hillary Directed Her State Dept Staff to Research Parkinson’s Drug: True Pundit
Why Is Hillary Wearing A Heavy Winter Coat… in August?: Tammy Bruce

The Republican Turncoats: Stephen Moore
Hope for Trump: GOP winning registration race in key states: Ben Schreckinger, Politico
Virginia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two people: Robert Spencer

The Ultimate Clinton Scandal: Scott Johnson
Powell: Clinton's team trying to blame me for email scandal: Rudy Takala
To ID or not to ID?: Cal Thomas


30 Blocks of Hillary Watermelons: Jim Quinn
New York City Eliminates English Test for Yellow Cab Drivers: AP
Federal judge blocks Obama transgender bathroom directive for schools: Kelly Cohen

Scandal Central

Emails: Huma Abedin Left Classified Material Unsecured In The Front Seat Of Her Car: Chuck Ross
FBI Confirms They Found Nearly 15,000 More Undisclosed Clinton Emails: Ronn Blitzer
Strongest Evidence Yet of Preferential Treatment for Clinton Foundation Donors: Chris White

Call logs show frequent contact between Clinton Foundation, State Department: Sarah Westwood
Republicans to query firms that ran Clinton's private server: AP
State Department Stonewalling Release of 15K Newly Discovered Hillary Clinton Emails: John Hayward

Climate, Energy & Regulations

1,690-Page ‘Climate Change’ Reg Increases Cost of Tractor-Trailer Up to $15,119: CNS


Elite Catharsis: The Z Man
Feminist Professor @MarcieBianco Says Academia Discriminates Against Women: R.S. McCain
Caroline Glick on Hillary Clinton: Stuart Schneiderman

The Atlantic Whitewashes Islamist Groups in Abedin Controversy: Dave Reaboi
See the Hillary Cartoon That Got Political Cartoonist Ben Garrison Banned (AGAIN): DC Whispers
Apparent Army Opsec Brief Lists Hillary, Petraeus As Examples Of Insider Security Threats: Jonah Bennett


Riddle of $1.3 Billion for Iran Might Relate to 13 Outlays Of Exactly $99,999,999.99: Claudia Rosett
Nashville Sheriff Wants Islamist “Impact” in the Jails: GoV
Swedish policeman: - The rule of law has completely broken down: SPEISA

Europe’s Long War with Islam: George Friedman
Belgium: Radical imam and family arrested after son made death threats against Christians: BNI
Liberman signals: The rules of the game have changed: Ido Ben Porat

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Will the Internet of Things make us superhuman?: Scott Amyx
The Two Biggest Scoundrels In Tech Are Fighting Over A Mysterious Company: Joseph Bernstein
Your Face Has Been Hacked (Sorry) And Other Stories From The Digital Edge: TwistImage


I wrote this story over fifty years ago...finally the government read it!: Norman E. Hooben
Nothing, And Everything, Has Changed.: MOTUS
Meet Olivia Poff, the instructor working alongside TODAY's puppy with a purpose: Brooke Sassman

Image: Virginia: Muslim screaming “Allahu akbar” stabs two people, seriously injuring them
Sponsored by: Senate Conservatives Fund

QOTD: "The FBI has provided just one set of Hillary files to be accessed by both the majority and minority members (and their staffs) of the House Oversight, Appropriations and Judiciary committees. That’s a single set of documents for hundreds upon hundreds of people. The files are being held in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) underneath the Capitol, a secure room reserved for viewing the highest-level secrets. That room is under lock, key and guard, and viewing is by appointment only.

Many of these lawmakers and aides hold some of the highest clearances available to Congress, yet they are nonetheless barred from examining vast portions of the record. The FBI in some cases redacted entire documents, presumably at the request of various intelligence agencies, and to protect national security. Initially, visiting congressmen and staffers were not allowed to take any notes. After intense negotiations, the FBI on Thursday relented, but only on the condition that all notes remain behind in the SCIF.

Some of this is as it should be. These are, after all, national secrets. Yet the process highlights not only the absurdity of Mrs. Clinton’s claim that her server was no big deal, but also the irresponsibility of the FBI’s decision not to prosecute. Duly elected members of Congress are traversing layers of security and guards, clearances in hand, to view a few top-secret documents. Ask Mr. Comey why what is demanded of them was not demanded of Hillary." --Kimberley A. Strassel